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Your go to choice for chips?


I’ve heard plenty of people ask what everyone’s go to snacks are, but what about chips in specific?

I think Takis are definitely my choice.


the kind of chips I get the most, by far, are On The Border and they are yellow corn and they are circular in shape. and that’s because these are the best chips for making nachos. and I fucking love nachos.


Ruffles Original and ranch dip, the best.


My go to potato chip is Grandma Utz in the brown bag. Love those things.


the immediate next question is what’s your go-to non-dip related chip, and if I’m applying that rule to my nachos as well then the question becomes a lot tougher


Hmm… No dip? Taco Doritos or All Dressed. Both of which are usually nigh impossible to find.


taco doritos are fantastic, solid choice, for plain chips I think I’d have to go for Munchos


Tim’s jalapeno or die.


Also obligatory https://youtu.be/_R9m2ZB8SJ0


I’m not clicking that, because I don’t trust you


come on, man, it’s Chuck Dennison for Hot Dog Chips.


Lay’s Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips are the true answer here.


I’ve never been big on that flavor, but I have heard people describe those as “crack” so I’m not surprised to see it on this thread


Sour cream & cheddar are solid. I had some sour cream & jalapeno ones the other day that were great.

I’m a much bigger fan of spicy chips. Spicy food in general. I’m a spicy boi.


I only wish my asshole was as big of a spice fan as I am. Actually, I’m a pussy when it comes to spice, but I enjoy the pain :smiley:.


Zapp’s Voodoo Chips. For some reason they’re just on point.


I feel like I’m missing out because I don’t think I’ve seen a lot of these chips on store shelves in my area.


well duh

you’re blind


Buck Wild Chips are lit as well. I forgot about those.


I’ve become a big fan of sweet potato chips lately, I quite enjoy these: