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What's a Skill You Want to Learn?


What’s a skill or set of skills you’ve always wanted to learn but keep putting off?

For me it has to be various system administration and information security topics, mostly related to Linux. I’d like to one day work in the field of Information Security.


I’ve always wanted to get really good at a hands-on skill like welding. There’s something I highly admire about people who can just visualize a part they need for some kind of project and just weld it up out of pieces of scrap metal.


I like this thread.

I’ve really wanted to throw my hat in the beer brewing ring. Last year for christmas, I got a brewing kit by Brooklyn Brew Shop as a gift from my parents. It came with all the necessary instruments and ingredients to brew an IPA. It turned out horrible. Tasted very similar to green olives. I’d like to try it again, but time + money.


@coppert4nk I think most people have that neat thing that they want to learn but put off due to time, laziness, or even fear / lack of confidence.