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Welcome to the KBMOD Forum


Welcome to the KBMOD Community Forums! These forums are for all things related to tech, games, and culture. Make yourself at home!


Admin, could we please do something about this? You’re not supposed to spam in a forum.


Hellopls - why must my post be 20 chars? Is this thing live? I am not sure if I have anymore T:A memes that people might get


shazbot! shazbot! shazbot!


Could you make the rules obvious for the password, 8 characters wasn’t long enough. and neither is @andrewsarchis’s doick


Wow my cock is enormous. We sure we want it on the site?


I removed the 20-char minimum requirement. Now everyone can add useless “+1” posts.


But not up arrows. Thanks a lot.


so who has the BLR codes?




@ThePhil I tried using your code “+1” but I didn’t get the KBMOD camo, plz advise