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Underappreciated TV Shows


seconded. I made it midway through season 2 before I got distracted but it still haunts me. Need to finish that for sure (as well as a million other shows).


I’m bad at that too, so I end up with a lot of shows on the go. Though, I do like having at least two shows on the go at once – one long, one short. Sometimes you don’t want to watch a 50m episode of that great drama and just want to kick back with 20mins of silly comedy.


That’s a big part of why I haven’t started/finished a ton of shows. With hour long episodes, you’re sometimes 20-30 mins short of watching a movie & personally, I have to plan out a movie night. Typically if I’m sitting down to watch something, it’s with dinner & I do better with shorter shows in that scenario. Something like Game of Thrones is an exception, but I almost treat that like a movie night. It’s an event. I typically make food, get drinks, & intend on devoting that time to that show & I just can’t do that every night with multiple shows.


Scrubs… enough said


Fuck off.


I don’t think Scrubs is underappreciated


get rekt scrub


I also like Scrubs. I just can’t say it’s underappreciated. Everyone I know loves it.


I liked it until they shit all over it.


the only time I ever watched Scrubs was before the days of On Demand or YouTube because there was literally nothing else on, it’s funny but I hate the cutesy bullshit, makes me cringe so hard


On one hand it’s hard to say a highly-rated, Golden Globe winning TV series like Mr Robot is unappreciated, but if my introduction and prior opinion of the show is any indication of how percieve the show, I think it may often be overlooked by technology enthusiasts like myself.

I know that personally I never really gave the show a chance, or even bothered to look at the ratings, because I was sure it was simply bound to be another failed attempt to bring coding and hacking to the mainstream in a entertaining manner, which usually just leads to cringe worthy scenes like this, this, this, etc – excuse me while I go vomit real quick – but this is not the case with Mr Robot. The show incorporates a lot of real technologies and methods while managing to be entertaining. Some stuff is dummed down a bit as to be expected, but not so as to be unbelievable or cheesy. I’ve heard that the creators also took some community notes into consideration and improved the accuracy even more in season 2.

All in all, it’s a great show so far and I really recommend it.



Anything by Jonathan Ames. Bored To Death was amazing, I caught a panel they put on a while back. Blunt Talk is awesome as well.


agreed, both shows are fantastic