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Underappreciated TV Shows


I was talking a bit in the KBMOD Slack just a little bit ago about TV shows that I felt were underappreciated. I thought this might be a good forum topic that people could contribute to. I don’t have a comprehensive list ready to go or anything, so I’ll probably be replying to this thread when I think of new ones. I’ll start things off with the list I had going in Slack:

Wet Hot American Summer (the TV show on Netflix)
I actually never saw the movie, but the show is fantastic, and has a shocking cast. It felt like there was a decent amount of hype behind the show when it aired (I think last year? maybe the year before?) but it has since fallen off people’s radar it would seem. It’s a pure comedy from what I remember, not much drama/action.

Dead of Summer
This one seemed to go completely missed by like 99.9999% of people on Earth. It only got one season which was unfortunate I think. I didn’t fall in love with it after the first episode, but by the end of the season I was hooked. It’s set at a summer camp in the 80s and it’s basically like a horror movie in TV format. If you’re into the whole “80s summer camp horror” vibe then this is definitely one to check out. This one is like a drama/suspense/horror (specifically put horror last in that list) with some light comedy elements.

You, Me, & The Apocalypse
This was a strange one. It was made in the UK (I’m pretty sure) but also aired on NBC here in the US. It barely received ANY promotion at all, which was a shame, and had Rob Lowe as a priest with a dirty mouth and a habit for alcohol and tobacco. Similar to Dead of Summer, this was cancelled after just one season (which was a HUGE shame because it ended on a crazy cliffhanger). It’s really fucking funny and well made as well.

Ash vs Evil Dead
If you like blood and guts and one-liners this is the one for you. The show is hilarious, disgusting, and has Lucy fucking Lawless. Honestly Lucy Lawless is enough reason to watch the show, but everyone else is great in it. I have literally zero complaints about this show. In a lot of ways I think it’s actually better than the movies. Also, @andrewsarchis recently started watching it and will confirm how great it is.

I think Humans is on its third season at this point and airs on AMC but for some reason still doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. This is a pure sci-fi drama about robots who develop consciousness, and all the shit that comes with that (fear on the part of humans, fear on the part of the robots, etc). I’m not a huge fan of the teenage daughter or her brother, but aside from my minor complaints about those two particular characters it’s darn near perfect. The cinematography is great and the music is god-tier thanks to Cristobal Tapia de Veer.

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
This is the best fucking show of 2016 and you’re a fucking idiot for not watching all of it twice. It’s based on the Douglas Adams books (author of Hitchhiker’s Guide) and has an incredible cast, amazing directing, unbelievable dialogue/writing, and (again) god-tier music thanks to Cristobal mother fucking Tapia de Veer. I rate this show HIGHER than Stranger Things. And I fucking LOVE Stranger Things. It’s seriously in my top 10 best TV shows of all time and has already been renewed for a second season (filming in progress currently).

There are more shows that I’ll add to this thread later, but I think these 6 are vastly different while being similarly great and totally underappreciated. If you get the chance to check out any of them DO IT. But mainly watch Dirk Gently. I swear to god you will hate yourself for waiting to watch Dirk Gently.


updated OP with trailers for the shows


Ash vs. Evil Dead is great. The Evil Dead trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time and Bruce Campbell is a personal hero of mine, so after the “it’s okay, I guess” reboot, I lost my shit when I heard they were making a series that brought Bruce’s glorious chin back to the role of Ash Williams. Started the show last night as Justin said and was crying laughing in the first 5 minutes. If Army of Darkness didn’t have to try to adhere to a rating system, it would be Ash vs. Evil Dead and it’s fucking terrific.

Peaky Blinders, while maybe not underrated, is definitely underappreciated in my eyes. A lot of people I recommend this to don’t really “get it” and I think it’s because the first episode is a lot of context. Essentially, three brothers that are World War I veterans find themselves back in Birmingham, England with the realization that they were born to do more than just exist the way everyone else does. They start fixing horse races at derbies to make some money and quickly become a force to reckoned with among the local thugs and thieves. If you decide to give it a shot, watch episode one and then the first ten minutes of episode two before you decide it’s not for you.

Catastrophe is also fucking excellent. I’m a huge Rob Delaney fan and the moment I found out he had a TV show, I was sold. Ended up watching the first two seasons over the course of two days. Something about the pacing of the humor, the delivery, and how relatable it is all meshed really well for me and I recommend this show every chance I get. I have some friends who don’t dig it, but that doesn’t stop me from watching and enjoying every moment. Also Carrie Fisher plays Rob Delaney’s mom for the first three seasons. Go fucking watch it.

Vice Principals was one that I enjoyed a lot last summer that I haven’t heard many people talk about. Danny McBride and Walton Goggins are pitted against one another to become the principal of a high school after the principal, briefly portrayed by Bill Murray, retires to look after his wife who is battling cancer. While initially fighting each other, things take a turn and they soon find themselves in a situation they never thought possible. It’s dark as fuck, but not at the expense of a hearty laugh every episode.

I think as far as “underappreciated” shows, that does it for me. Beyond that, I like a lot of the appreciated stuff, but I’ll do my best to add to this thread as I think of more entries that feel appropriate.

Also Metalocalypse is great and fuck you, Adult Swim for not letting Brendon Small WRAP UP HIS FUCKING MASTERPIECE.


definitely +1 to Metalocalypse and Vice Principals (not seen the other two)

I have a special connection to season 3 of Metalocalypse (IMO by far the best season of an all around incredible show). specifically the Pickles Rehab episode. I normally HATE musicals, but the way it was executed really spoke to me.


Sifl & Olly

I loved this show when I was a kid and I feel like no one else I know ever watched it. From the mind of Liam Lynch.


Line of Duty.

From IMDb:

DS Steve Arnott is transferred to the police anti-corruption unit after the death of a man in a mistaken shooting during a counter-terrorist operation.


this seems very adult for a kid to be watching lol


Oh it absolutely was, but I loved it.




that’s the one where people’s shoulders pop out of the socket right


Recently started watching New Blood. It’s another BBC crime show, and it seems quite good. It doesn’t have nearly as much depth of story as many of the other shows on the network, and it starts out a little slow, but I’ve grown to quite enjoy it after 5 episodes.


I didn’t include this one in my original post because I feel a lot of emotions about it. Prior to seeing Utopia if you asked what I thought the BEST TV show ever made was I probably would have said Deadwood. I’ve seen Deadwood four times now from start to finish and it’s seriously fucking incredible. It’s Shakespearean and you can say that without being accused of hyperbole. It’s a western for the thinking man and intellectual, it doesn’t hold your hand, the dialogue is fast and complicated, and Charlie Brooker (creator of Black Mirror) has said all of this before, so if you don’t take my word for it take his instead. Back to Utopia though…

I still remember the first day I saw Utopia. Shockingly I had it downloaded on my computer for MONTHS without watching it. The reason I had gotten it was because I’d recently seen the UK TV show Misfits and wanted to see what some of the actors were up to. I found that Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (who plays Curtis in Misfits) was in this show Utopia and I got it, but I didn’t know anything about it. Utopia, like Deadwood, is complicated and difficult to explain. There are only two seasons and I believe they are six episodes each for a grand total of a dozen hour-long episodes. It’s a show about a comic book, it’s a show about genocide, it’s a show about a group of friends, it’s a show that will make you question your morals and values.

I was sold on Utopia just from the opening scene, but after the first episode I’m pretty sure I said, out loud, “Holy. Fucking. Shit.” And then proceeded to watch the entire first season that very day. The writing, directing, acting, music, cinematography; it’s all top notch, without equal in its perfection. I said in the OP that Dirk Gently is an amazing show that everyone should watch, but even Dirk Gently is a garbage fire compared to the violent beauty of Utopia. I am completely serious and unwavering when I say this:

Utopia is the best TV show ever made.

Here is the opening scene of the show. If you need to find a place/way to watch it just let me know and I’d be happy to help in whatever way I can. I actually believe it’s very important to share this TV show. It’s not for everyone, I’m not guaranteeing your enjoyment, but if it is your type of show then you will love it.

EDIT: Oh, also, at the end of Utopia, I found myself wondering “would I be in favor of sterilizing all but a small percentage of the human race in order to stop population growth and reduce our impact on the Earth?” There was a point where I’d totally say I’m not in favor of that type of action, but by the end of Utopia I couldn’t answer that question with just a simple yes or no. And that question still lives with me, every day. This is not a show for the faint of heart.


it really is fantastic, I think it’s more popular in the UK compared to the US though


I’m still so pissed that the US HBO reboot fell through.


honestly I’m sorta glad it did, there’s no way you can make that show better, it would have been a guaranteed disappointment

also The River was great and I was sad it only got one season




I’m excited to watch this, gonna see if I can convince @ZPG to watch it with me


I’m the one that told you about it!!


mmmmmmm I’m not so sure about that


pretty sure I’ve mentioned this to some individuals before but I think worth mentioning in this thread, Penny Dreadful is fantastically dark and extremely graphic, it’s compelling, well written, and is pretty short at only 3 seasons long. Super awesome if you’re into dark shit or vampires/werewolves/witches/etc

it’s like league of extraordinary gentlemen but, like, one million times better