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The best day you have had


Write a detail story on your best day your ever had


The day my son @Suros_Six was born.


the day I met angie

(she’s on these forums sometimes)


(can she not read the content in parentheses?)


god I hope not


“Best” is pretty open-ended, but one of my best days had to be the day my fire crew headed home after our busy assignment in 2015. I’ll save the details for my memoir, but we ended up working on four lightning fires throughout the forest. One of those fires was on my birthday. We ended up working most of it on a 37-hour shift.

We finally got back to town at night, after demobilizing and releasing our crew. My boss gave me a ride home since he lives nearby, with one stop at a local bottle shop. After grabbing my selection, he decided to pay for me and finally dropped me off. I arrived home at night and off-loaded my gear, greeted by my dad and our dog. I was tired as hell, but got to enjoy that beer out on the patio that night. It was a fitting way to end my assignment.


Kinda makes me sad that I don’t have an easy answer to give for this one. I love the idea though.


This day, right now, in this video call.