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This looks beautiful. It says “a mix of hand crafted and procedural” so it might just keep @chad’s attention.

Edit: their previous game, Jotun, is pretty fantastic too and is free on Steam and GOG right now.


What a sweet fucking style. Been eyeing Jotun for a while, so I just snagged that. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.


I got Jotun for @ZPG a while back when I was looking for games that would run on her Surface, she played at least a little bit but I think it might have been too challenging for her ultra-casual gamer style


99% casual gamer.




I had the beta for this until recently (it was yanked from my steam library, assuming the dev is getting close to release, if it isn’t already available) and it played like a mix between Ori and the Blind Forest and Dead Cells. I’ll have to check it out again.