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Retro Game Music


Thanks @coppert4nk for giving me this idea.


the other day I got my girlfriend to play Comix Zone (which I completely forgot existed) and the music really took me back




This is my current ringtone. (Also this game came out the year I was born.)


(Particularly love the Asteroid Belt tune, @29:21 and the Meteor @10:16)




The first time I heard Asteroid Belt, it immediately made me think of Star Wars.


Megaman 3 has some of my favorite music of any game ever.

Especially check out Gemini Man (@6:08) and Snake Man (@11:25) and Wily Stage 3 (@21:31) and… oh just listen to the whole damn thing.


As if there’s any surprise I’d post this

Also this version is :ok_hand:


First time I heard this, I was really sad that MSX wasn’t really a thing in North America.


Damn, this is good.


Sonic music always reminds me of the fact that the Genesis was the first game system I had with stereo sound. I would be obsessed with reproducing the sound loudly and in stereo… the TV speaker just would not do. At one point, I had my Genesis hooked up to a TV at the bottom of my bed, with an old receiver and big speakers on either side of where I’d sit, pointed at me, just so I could hear the “ring” sound effect alternate back and forth between the speakers.


My TV when I was a kid only had a single speaker. I did not realize until more recently than I care to admit that the ring sounds in Sonic 2 were in stereo when I was playing with some Genesis emulators with headphones on.


The Batman and Robin game had some seriously lit music.



Pretty cool (and hard!) game I used to play a lot of:


“Pretty cool (and hard!)”

Same, dude.



How could I forget.

That bass line gots me fellin some type of way.