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Potential to Add News Section?


Lately I’ve been adding a few posts regarding some recent technology news that interests me that I think could be of interest to those in the community. However, there’s not an obvious news section to add these posts to, so I add them to the section that holds the most relevance to the main topic discussed in the news article.

Do we think there’s a need to add a section for these sorts of news posts, or is the current structure and methodology working fine?


Personally I think we’re fine just posting news items in whatever specific category is most appropriate, rather than having a dedicated “news” section.


I agree. It seems responsible, but I just figured I’d ask.


Doesn’t hurt to ask! I think if the topics were to get a little out of hand if we had a LOT of people doing it but for now, sticking them in their respective categories makes sense. :slight_smile: