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Post Your Desktop


Good man. I will forgive your sins :rofl:


No need to bash someone for using Gnome.


I wasn’t bashing you for using Gnome, but I was just surprised to see Gnome panel knowing you’re an i3 user. I was thinking you might have decided to use i3 as the wm for Gnome like many of those XFCE / KDE + i3 / BSPWM setups.


now that I get back to this, my reply was pretty far fetched tbh, sorry. Anyways, I used Gnome for a while because my workplace didn’t allow fancy shit. Now that I have a dedicated work machine I can start messing with my laptop again. First order of business will be getting arch up and running.

Btw, I have a freenode irc channel called ##twoweeks (yes it’s two hashtags), I’m looking for some more people and I would like to see you join that. It’ll be nice to have some more people.

@seanbutnotheard Would love to see you and @Wheelzz on there at some point. Knowing you both use linux and stuff.


No worries haha.

I’ll pop in at some point.


Was inspired by Unixporn again.


Switched to Weechat today. Might as well show it off with Polybar and stuff.


  • ncmpcpp and mpd for music
  • polybar
  • weechat


I see you there in this screenshot @L0nerism


Got me. Here’s a :cookie:. :wink:


I recently sold my desktop and have been using my Sager laptop that I bought for College about 2 1/2 years ago, and I haven’t gotten around to putting installing Arch with an encrypted home directory yet, so here’s a Windows 10 screenshot featuring a sprinkle of irony.



I’ve just realized that Windows doesn’t scale right with 1440p either. Dropping the 125% scale down to 100% made for a much crisper image and more appropriate UI sizing.