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Post Your Desktop


Oooh I will definitely check this out. Lovely desktop you have there too.


Nice! Care to share your dotfiles ?




Basically. Here are my dots


Sure! They’re on my Github repo. As I mentioned, my setup is still very WIP, but I’ll be sticking to this style. I need to write up a sync/init script for symlinks and such for easy updating.



Current Windows 10 desktop


I’ve updated my setup, and I am now super happy with how the colours are looking on my Polybar. I’ve changed to the Base16 Google-Dark colours for my whole system and VIM. Will update post and dotfiles once I’ve themed everything else.

Here’s a little showcase of some terminals and a GTK app floating. NOTE: I just realized I need to figure out how to make Ranger use my terminals alpha background. I’ll add that to the pile.

TODO: Rofi, LightDM, Compton

After about 3 full months of using nothing but Linux as my main OS after many failed attempts with Debian/Ubuntu/Mint over the years, I can finally happily say I can’t go back. I still have Windows installed for a couple games, but never boot into it because I rarely game anymore anyway. I just feel so at home on my system finally, and there’s still so much more to polish workflow wise.

I may even look into PCI passthrough at some point to run a few Windows games in a VM on Linux.


that’s some good ascii art


It’s a script called Neofetch written by someone much better than I.


Very awesome job :slight_smile:


Thanks dude. It’s not quite r/UnixPorn ready yet but it’s getting there slowly.


@d3welch Thanks! It’s been a long road of browsing Reddit, Github, and doc pages. At this point there’s no way I can go back to Windows and feel productive.



don’t judge me


Top image also rotates through individual photos of players holding the cup using Display Fusion

I have 3 1080p screens on the bottom and a 1920x1200 screen on top


So since I can’t seem to stay happy with my setup for long, I’m at it again. This time I think I’m happy.

You can now view my dotfiles here.

NOTE: My Stow script is kinda broken. Proceed with caution.



So what you see here is irssi my IRC client, my music player(mpd, ncmpcpp) and top to see what’s going on.


I hope that’s GNOME + i3 / BSPWM?


That was gnome with a fullscreen terminal tmux session basically. Running on i3-gaps again now since I got the itch.