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Post Your Desktop


To kick things off, I’ll post the cleanest and most intuitive desktop interface I’ve ever built.

I actually used this on my “suitcase” PC build for a while.

(I’ll post a more serious one later when I’m at home)


New Macbook Pro Retina w/ Kubuntu 16.04


That’s a lot of pixels


It is at least 2 pixels. Maybe even 3. I didn’t count.



Oh yeah you’re one of those “taskbar on top” people. Hey team, should we ban this guy or what?


We haven’t already?


Ok here’s a more serious attempt. (sorry it’s huge, but you know, 4K master race and all that)

(I edited my post because it was ugly.)


for a second I was like “whoa I have that same car in forza”

also I’m tall, my eyes naturally sit closer to the top of the monitor than the bottom I JUST LIKE IT OKAY


Simple two monitor setup.


Clean as actual F.


I’m proud to say I’ve been clean of desktop clutter for over six years now.


I started hiding desktop icons a long time ago too. If you can’t find the thing you need via start menu or file explorer then you don’t deserve to use a computer.


This is my current i3 setup. Tiling window managers = <3



Sexy. I like the color scheme.


Using the color picker to figure out which colors are used in my background make my setups look a lot nicer. Definitely worth it every single time.


Now that you mention it, that seems like a totally obvious thing to do, but I’ve never done it. Gonna have to try now.


Nixers* thread incoming ?


You might want to look into a tool like Wal. I’ve never used it, but it seems quite popular around the UnixPorn Sub-reddit.


It’s still very much a WIP but I like it so far

Things && Stuff

  • i3-gaps
  • Polybar
  • Base16-Flat Colorscheme