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Pandora's Shitbox


Dude you too? I fucking love Brogle.


wow that was some pleasant ear rape at the end


lmao probably shoulda gave a heads up


Headphone warning for the first 5 secs.


Anyone looking forward to buying something on Prime Day?


already got that XXL mousepad for $8




I don’t think it’s a sandwich, but I’m honestly not sure.


…Whats in the cheese?


It’s hollandaise.

EDIT: This is apparently a legitimate dish. Bananas, ham, and hollandaise. What in the fuck.


…That looks like microwaved cheese.


I am hollan-dazed to find out people ate this.


where’s the button for “I hate this”


I’m about to go to bed and let a video finish uploading to YT (lolwat year is this)

I get a lot of comments about me not showing my subscriber count, or likes:dislike ratio on any of my content.

Do you think it really matters? I know some larger channels out there don’t show sub counts (Poppy, for instance) or likes:dislikes… I’m just doing content for shiggles. At this point I want to see how far I can get. Does it really turn people away THAT much if the stats aren’t available? Or is it just a minority being particularly loud?


personally I do not care, another channel that did that who I was super into (when they actually uploaded) was Atlas Obscura


Someone spend too much time thinking if they could do something, and not enough time thinking if they should.








Now I have to go watch a Reggie Watts video, thanks a lot.