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Observer Review | Cyberpunk Horror at its Finest


While I’m not definitely one for games in the horror genre, I had to give Bloober Team’s Observer a try because of the premise alone. In Observer you play as a police investigator who just got a new cybernetic addition to his body. This addition allows the player to jump into the minds of the general populous through the implants they wear. It’s an idea that I thought had a lot of potential, and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see it in action. Observer also brings more to the table in the realm of some fresh gameplay ideas, and that made…

View the full post here: https://kbmod.com/2017/08/observer-review-cyberpunk-horror-at-its-finest/


The visual style and effects are really impressive.


agreed, the game LOOKS great, can’t comment on the rest, but the video was fantastic as usual @Suros_Six


I’m a sucker for all things cyberpunk and have been itching for a new horror game. I hate to give you credit for anything, Julian, but I’m sold thanks to your review.