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Multistream not loading streams on Firefox on Linux


I’m not sure why, but when I try to use Multistream in Firefox on Linux I do not get any playback on the streams. It appears as if the streams are offline. However, it works fine in Chromium. The same issue seems to happen on other multi twitch services.

I am using Firefox 55 on Arch Linux, but this issue has been present for months.


Do you happen to have third-party cookies blocked? I had the same problem for a while too and I realized that’s what caused it. Aside from that I haven’t had that trouble (also on Arch+Firefox).


My settings accept third-party cookies from visited sites until they expire.


That’s what I had mine set to also… try explicitly adding https://player.twitch.tv to your accepted cookies list and see if that helps.


Didn’t seem to work. The stream previews will now load in paused mode but then when I click play it will pause after about a second. I guess I’ll have to try accepting all cookies. Is this what fixed it for you?


You could also try also adding https://www.twitch.tv to your cookies (I had done that just in case) but I would think that since it’s a visited site it would already be allowed.