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Linux build


Hey folks,

Since I gave my gaming pc to my dad I want to eventually build a pc again. This time it won’t be about gaming at all since I just want to run Arch Linux on there. I gave up on gaming a while ago and I don’t plan to get back to it any time soon.

Now I’m going to need a lot of advice when it comes to this but I basically want to spend a 1000 dollars on my build. The only thing I’m going to need is the option to hook up 3 monitors. That’s it. I also want to stick to air cooling so I’ll choose Noctua for that.


Best regards,



So, you don’t want a dedicated GPU at all? You don’t use any environments where you’d benefit from a dedicated GPU for graphic work or IDEs? If so, I guess you could drop the GPU from the $1400 June build and change the cooler to a Noctua or similar unit. You could upgrade to 32G of RAM if you run tons of VMs and such, but since I know you use Vim a lot, you likely don’t go over 16GB I’d imagine.


No I really need a GPU because of the monitor situation. I’m not sure if PhpStorm has any kind of benefit when it comes to having a dedicated GPU but I guess we’ll see. I won’t need 32G of RAM since I never run any VMs. 16 GB should be fine.


I’ve added a pcpartpicker list. Would love to hear your thoughts.


for a non gaming PC this this is holding some nice power Sam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seems like a solid build. And if you did on the odd occasion want to play a game, a 1050ti would still work well.


Pretty much. The most important thing for me is being able to run three or more monitors. The i7 and SSD will be nice for compiling stuff. This is why I went with some power in the first place @Stafunoob.

I don’t think I need the power of the 1050ti but I don’t mind it that much since its relatively cheap. Maybe I’ll decide that a 4K monitor is due for the future but I’m pretty sure the 1050ti will be able to hold that just fine since I really don’t play games.


Looks like a great setup to me that will handle all your programming needs along with casual gaming. The only thing I’d suggest looking into a bit more is the motherboard choice, specifically as it relates to chipset. Since you’re not using an unlocked chip, you can likely drop down to a H270 chipset. Here is a list with some boards that are H270.

NOTE: I have not closely paid attention to hardware lately, so take a quick look to ensure that the H270 board you choose supports the RAM speed you choose, and any features you’d like support for in the future, such as M.2. They all should, but like I said, I’m not fully up-to-date.

I’d like to add that the cooler is a bit overkill if you don’t intend to be overclocking a bunch – which you wouldn’t be on a non-K chip. The NH-U14S would still be very quiet, and cool the CPU excellently for around $25 less. Performance seems to be close to what the old NH-D14 coolers could do.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.


You’re probably right about the cooler, I’ve always wanted a kick ass noctua one though so we’ll see.


For what it’s worth that NH-U14S is still pretty badass!


Might be worth looking into Ryzen if you haven’t already. (Unless you need the really high single-thread performance of the i7 7700 over multi-thread on the R5 1600.) I use the board in this list on my own build with a 1700 and I can say it’s been a great experience. That’s coming from someone who never used AMD in their personal rig before. Only issue is having to run the RAM at 2933, even after the latest AGESA update. Ryzen Version The plus is it being a little cheaper.


I’ll look into it! I definitely want to be saving money when I do this at some point.


I’d definitely look into Ryzen man, especially if the build isn’t gaming focused, from what I’ve read Linux support on Ryzen apart from the IOMMU stuff (which is being worked on) is quiet solid. I’m not sure what your workload is like but I imagine it would benefit from more core/threads for multi tasking etc.

Even a 6 core Ryzen 1600 which is around a €100 cheaper will match or beat a 7700 in everything but gaming.

Also as someone the owns a Noctua cooler I cannot recommend them enough, their so quiet the performance is insane.


I wonder if I should go full AMD at this point. It might save me some money and the extra cores will be awesome. Hell, I might even get into mining.


That could be a good move. I hear AMD’s Open Source drivers for Linux are great.


Yep AMD would be the the way to go for a Linux build, AMD historically have been better with open source drives than nVidia.

Also the new desktop VEGA GPUs are out soon, it’s a new architecture so hopefully they’ll have a mid range model with a similar price point to that 1050, or you can pick up a cheap current gen card like a RX 560 or 570.

FYI the 570’s are expensive at the moment due to mining but that will be changing soon enough as there no longer effective, so price will start to drop soon.