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Lineage OS experience?


Hey folks,

I currently have the OnePlus 5, cool phone and all that but I’m debating whether I should switch to Lineage OS. OnePlus seems to drop the ball after a while and give up on updates.

Do you use Lineage OS and if so, how have you been liking it so far? Does it get updated frequently and all that stuff.


I’m still using LineageOS on my OnePlus One, and it works great. I install updates (following their nightlies) every once in a while and I’ve never had an issue.


I put it on my Honor 5X and it was a drastic improvement in performance, battery life and everything else. I actually was bad and did not update from the primary install because I didn’t have any problems… haha (I have had problems with ROMs in the past, we have trust issues.)


I would suggest you go with LineageOS or similar given all the recent security and privacy concerns with OnePlus.