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Librem 5: Aiming to Bring a true Linux Experienced and Enchanced Security / Freedom to our Pockets


Bryan Lunduke sits down with Todd Weaver of Purism – known for Linux laptops with a focus on privacy and security, as well as their PureOS distro with the same goal – to discuss the companies crowd sourcing campaign to bring a true Linux experience with enhanced security and freedom to our pockets by early 2019 with the Librem 5 phone.

Like their laptops, they promise hardware lockout of many devices such as Camera, and even Baseband connection to cellular networks. The phone is also promised to support Matrix, for decentralized encrypted communication.



Matrix looks pretty cool, I hadn’t heard of it. And I just got done setting up an XMPP server…


I hadn’t heard of it either. The idea of secure calls to landline phones without a cellular connection seems interesting.


Indeed. The phone itself looks pretty cool too… I’ve already purged everything proprietary-Google from my phone (using LineageOS at the moment), and I’d love to run a Debian-based OS instead of Android.


Speaking of Lunduke and decentralized tech, he’s started publishing his videos on the decentralized video platform, LBRY. I would link his channel here but I don’t think it would embed properly as it’s so decentralized that even its equivalent of DNS works differently and you have to use the app to access it! :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m sure eventually it’ll be a protocol supported by browsers directly.) I believe his channel address is: lbry://@Lunduke


Interesting. I will soon get rid of my Android device and so I might look into this. Trying to unplug in a way. I’m basically just looking for a phone that does calling and texting. If that can be done a little more based on privacy I’d be happy.


You could also look into using a fully open source Android, such as lineageos (forked from cyanogenmod). Just don’t load any Google apps packages when you install and you’ll have basically what you’re looking for. (That’s what I’m using, and I use the f-droid.org repo to add a few other open-source apps).

Edit: Also I know what you mean about unplugging. Personally I don’t want to totally unplug per se, but I also don’t like my phone interrupting my day unless someone is actually calling me so I do keep my notifications silent, and as I mentioned I only use a handful of simple utility apps (no social networks, chat apps, video apps, etc). It’s helped me find a balance between keeping my sanity and not being a total hermit. :wink:


What I ended doing was deleting all my social media apps and google apps from my phone. I rarely even use my phone anymore which is awesome, you tend to realize the problems you have when you give up on something completely. ( I was obsessively checking my phone every few minutes)

Nice note about lineageos and f-droid. Maybe I’ll try it at some point.


I’ve recently decided to rid myself of many common apps and services as well – I’ve migrated my email usage to Protonmail, and plan to install CopperheadOS on my Nexus 6P without any Google apps. The few proprietary apps I use can be easily sideloaded and kept updated via a few FOSS solutions available on FDROID.

Probably because Google has been coming down hard and demonetizing a ton of content. A lot of Brian’s content has been demonetized for what seems like no logical reason, even after dispute.


Thanks to you I decided to try Proton Mail. Pretty awesome so far, might make the full switch soon.


Yeah, it seems to work quite well. It was also on Mr Robot.