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KBMOD Podcast - Episode 290 (Live from Extra Life LAN 2017)



This week’s podcast is a special one, live and in person from our Extra Life LAN at LFG Pittsburgh! Brandon, Scott, KD, and Hardballer gather together on the couch to talk about the event and share some favorite moments. You won’t want to miss an epic hot wings challenge while doing Q&A by our own Stafunoob, timmyattheq, and YingityYang. Along with other discussion and a foreshadowing of Scott’s own hot wing eating, we close out the cast with a live reading of a legendary KDZen email submission that is sure to have you in tears. If you can, we recommend watching…

View the full post here: https://kbmod.com/2017/08/kbmod-podcast-episode-290/