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KBMOD Matrix community


I just created a community and default chat room for kbmod on Matrix. Anyone can join, its address is #kbmod:matrix.org (the community address is +kbmod:matrix.org, but I’m not sure if you can join communities from the address yet). There’s only one channel in the community at the moment but I can add more if it actually gets used at all. I use it, so I’ll be in there at least :stuck_out_tongue:

For those not familiar, Matrix is like a modernized IRC with slack/discord like features. There are nice rich clients for it at Riot.im for many platforms, and plugins for other chat clients as well.


Joined! Awesome to see something other than Discord for the kbmod community :slight_smile:


Decentralized Discord :ok_hand:

The arch community repos seem to have riot-{desktop,web}. Is the latter just an electron version?


I’m not sure what the difference is… when I install riot-desktop, it pulls in riot-web as a dependency. So I assume -web is the app itself, and -desktop is the electron wrapper.