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In Case You Missed It: Hollow Knight


A new developer has made their presence known with an amazing first title, and that developer is Team Cherry. Their first title, Hollow Knight, released earlier this year in February, and while Metroidvanias aren’t normally my style, I had to give this game a shot. It’s got a beautiful hand-drawn artsyle, majestic music, and a very rich atmosphere. I may have arrived late to this game’s party, but I’m happy I arrived at all.  More than 20 hours of really good content for $15 dollars? Sign me up! (Hollow Knight heavily recommends using a controller, and while I did play with…

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Heartily agree on all counts. I will reserve final judgement for when I beat it myself, but I have the feeling that this will go down as a modern classic.


Would love to see it gain that status. I’d love to hear its name pop up as often as I hear Shovel Knight’s.