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GIGABYTE joins the 10Gbe master race and I'm still a 100Mb pleb


It is 2017: your graphics cards should resemble a lightsaber and you should have 10 Gigabit outfitted in your home – otherwise, you’re clearly not even trying. According to Anandtech, GIGABYTE has officially launched their GC-AQC107 networking card, supporting 100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G networking capabilities over CAT5e, CAT6/6a and RJ45 connections. A picture generously borrowed from Anandtech of the tiny networking card (or a giant hand) The GC-AQC107 boasts the Aquantia AQtion AAQC107 controller – and to battle the heat on this bad boy, GIGABYTE slapped a honkin’ aluminum heat sink on it. Like many other networking cards you may…

View the full post here: https://kbmod.com/2017/11/gigabyte-joins-the-10gbe-master-race-and-im-still-a-100mb-pleb/


To be fair anything over 1GBE doesn’t matter unless you’re doing significant transfers between systems or to NAS.


Yeah, which I mentioned later in the article. Unless your network is setup for it and your other devices are capable of such transfers, I wouldn’t bother.


I still think there’s a market for it for sure, but it’s weaning. More and more high end mobos are shipping with 10-GBE, or at least multiple NICS that support teaming for > 1GBE, and if you have the network and server setup for this you very well might have such a board.


Definitely interesting for a storage cluster though, especially with a couple of them aggregated together. We’re currently using 4x1Gb aggregated links in our Ceph cluster, and I’d love to jump to 2x10Gb if we can do it relatively cheaply…


KBMOD Ceph storage?


No, the storage for our virtual host stack at work (~30 750GB SSDs clustered across 12 hosts). I’m not even sure what KBMOD would do with all that storage…


That makes a lot more sense.


Where else am I going to hold all these memes?!


Tape drive to ensure the stability and preservation of quality memes for generations to come.


Look, I need these memes and I need them now!