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First Look - Fortnite


It feels like it has been ages since Fortnite was announced to the gaming community. Thankfully, Epic Games has released it into Early Access and has given the masses a chance to get their hands on the beta build of the game. Does Fortnite live up to the hype built around it, or is it just another buggy and unfinished early access title put out there to make money? Check out our First Look video and those questions just may be answered.

View the full post here: https://kbmod.com/2017/08/first-look-fortnite/


I fully agree with your review. The game is a blast to play and it plays very well. The menus are a nightmare and start making more sense the further along you get. Having a full squad of you and three friends makes for a blast of a time and you get to creatively destroy the swarms of husks trying to ruin your day, and laugh at the ridiculous traps you can bait them into.


is there pvp or versus? or is it strictly a pve experience?


right now it’s just PVE, I believe they plan on adding a pvp type mode later on


that actually makes it more appealing to me, I think I might buy into the beta honestly, seems neat and $20 isn’t much