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Doge pics


sad part is I think the flip phone had a better camera than this windows phone has lol, I might pick up that zen phone or whatever though, the camera part is what interests me the most when it comes to phones these days tbh


Nice doges. My dad’s gal has a 22 pound cat…that’s basically a dog, right?



Join the ZenFone 3 Zoom master race with @RedishBlue and I



oh my god he (I’m assuming his gender rn) looks like my two black dogs combined, adorbs



her name is lucy, but everyone thinks she’s a boy, i’m used to it. 12/10 hekckin good pupper



I don’t know what’s cuter, that pup or the resolution of the phone.


that’s the Windows Phone filter


I think this was a Laptop Photo…


After a year and a half of not being ready for a dog after we lost our family dogs, my parents finally decided they wanted another dog. They picked up this little gentleman yesterday. His name is Malcolm and he’s 1 year old.


he is gorgeous


He’s the shit and responds to commands in German. It’s great.


Snapped this today after we got some new food delivered.


This is my little baby



she’s waving at me