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Doge pics


Can you believe Bea conquered this vile beast?


why is your dog perfect


Sadie loves playing fetch. Sadie doesn’t know when to stop. Sadie is now tired.




what did that used to be?


It was a penguin rope toy thing. He initially destroyed the stuffed penguin part and then proceeded to grind his teeth on the leftover rope, effectively sawing it into smaller sections of rope.


these are old pics from a flip phone from years ago but also these are some of my favorite pics of them, there’s a 3rd dog, I’ll try to find a pic of him



This is my favorite thread.


I dunno. It feels incomplete without @ThePhil’s doges


Our old dog in happier times. But he’s in a better place now!


What a sweet lookin pooch.


My fat lazy cat and sleepy dog


Two puppers, one stone.


“hey cat, make yourself useful and rub this belleh”





heeler powerrrrrr


Yassss I love blue heelers.


Get :clap: A :clap: New :clap: Phone :clap: