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Destiny 2 First Look | Thoughts on the PC Beta


Better late than never is the well known saying that definitely applies to this situation. Bungie has finally graced the PC platform with a beta for their newer IP, and I have some thoughts on it. While I loved Destiny back on console, all I could think was, “this would be so much better on PC.” Unfortunately, I’d have to wait until the sequel to experience that, but I’m glad I got to experience it at all. So far we’ve only been able to see a small amount of content in the form of a beta, but it has me…

View the full post here: https://kbmod.com/2017/08/destiny-2-first-look-thoughts-on-the-pc-beta/


'Nother solid video, man. Based on what you said (without actually playing it yet), a preorder from me seems far more likely. I had a similar attitude as @Stafunoob where the quality of the port was really the only thing that had me worried, so… Yeah. Fuck.