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Adventure Gaming Club


Way back in the old days of KBMOD, there was a community member named Flanlord who started a gaming club of sorts. In traditional KBMOD fashion, it was pretty cool and engaging but kind of fizzled out after a few months… but maybe it will work ok with the small but dedicated crowd we have here now?

So I guess the idea would be, at the start of each month we pick a game via a poll, and everyone has to play some significant portion of the game over the course of the month. It can be something we’ve already played or something new that looks intriguing. It would make sense for us to stick to story-driven/adventure games, or at least games with a strong single-player campaign. Then at the end of the month, those who played the game and want to chat about it jump on Discord and discuss our thoughts while they’re still fresh, or depending on how ambitious we are we write a roundtable style article. Or perhaps we even just discuss it on the forum, then edit and publish the resulting thread.

Some of us have been playing through Zelda: aLttP this month in preparation for something similar, so we could always count that as our first game.



I love the idea, I submit all Call of Duty games for the next poll.

In all seriousness, it sounds really fun and I’d definitely try to participate.


I didn’t take part in it the first time around but I would defiantly hit it up this time, I’m down for this.


count me in


Where’d you go Sean, I really liked this idea!


maybe 4 people wasn’t enough for sean


I’ll be honest, I kinda forgot. But not having people banging down my door about it probably didn’t help either. Well it’s August now, shall we give it a go? Any suggestions? Everyone look through their backlogs, and I’ll make a poll if we get a few good options.

Edit: new releases are cool too of course, whoever wants in will just have to buy a copy.